Photo Galleries of Models of Airplanes, Ships, and Military Miniatures

My name is John Youngerman and this is my personal website.  The site contains photographs
of model airplanes in various scales, model ships in 1:1200 scale, mostly Napoleonic period
military miniatures, and articles I have written describing modeling techniques for scratch
building 1:1200 ship models.

The purpose of this website is threefold:
To document photographically a lifetime’s worth of models, many of which are unique
in the world
To share with others my articles on the “how to’s” of scratch building 1:1200 scale
model ships
To share with you the pleasures of looking at these models, which are now crammed
together in several display cases, via separate photographs of each model
I would be honored to have you spend as much time as you like looking at these photos and
reading the articles if they interest you.  

Clicking on the categories to the left will take you to a new website in another browser window.  
There you will find
my photo gallery  of over 200  photos where you will be able to view photos
and submit comments or questions. .
Purchasing Models Featured on this Site

If you are interested in purchasing any of the ship, airplane, or military miniature models
displayed on this website, please
contact me directly.

Over 150 of the airplanes and military miniatures have won “trophies” at International Plastic
Modelers Society (IPMS) model contests at various levels, including quite a few at national
conventions.  My scratchbuilt 1:1200 scale ships are widely regarded as the finest available in
the world and as unique, one of a kind “works of art”—not taking anything away from the better
commercial models in 1:1250 scale, many of which are very well done, some superbly done.  

However, advancing age provides me with an incentive to sell many of these “old friends” so
that others may enjoy them as much as I have.  I invite your interest and ask that you inform
anyone you know who is interested in collecting first class models about this website.
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